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We started The Gun Authority with a vision of challenging industry standards and practices and to build relationships directly with our customers, the new Rancho Corvova store will have a full time Gunsmith onsite and have weekly Firearms Training classes. We will stock a full line of guns, ammo, and accessories. Our Member service area will provide a full range of service to members our goal is to keep you informed about changes in gun laws in California and on a Federal level, firearms recalls, firearms training material for download and much more.

We are a Dealer for Halls Safe, Bluedot Safes Company and Tracker Safe Compnay. We service the Northern California area. We offer safe delivery and setup. Our mission is to provide you peace of mind by securing your assets against theft with Integrityand products from companies that stand behind what the build.

Self Defense Insurance

Most people don't realize that many homeowner's policies don't include coverage for acts of self-defense, concealed carry liability insurance, or the related legal costs for criminal defense charges.We recognized this gap in coverage and created a plan to help you.

CCW Self Defense Insurance

Protect yourself and your assets. Purchase Self-defense Insurance online today!

New Laws In The News

New Changes in the Laws In The News

Check for changes in the laws and how they effect you.

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A gunsmith is a person who repairs, modifies, designs, or builds firearms. A gunsmith does factory level repairs, renovation, and makes modifications and alterations for special uses. Gunsmiths may also apply carvings, engravings and other decorative features to an otherwise finished gun.



Get Training from our NRA and DOJ Certified Instructors, This practical self-defense handgun course introduces the participant to the Fundamentals of Firearms Safety, along with the skills necessary to properly handle a revolver and semi-automatic pistol.



Class sizes are around ten students per class. We also offer one on one instructions, onsite training. Course topics range from firearms safety, target practice, firearms assembly and disassembly, firearms cleaning, ammo reloaded systems and reload components.


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