Concealed Carry Weapon

All of our CCW course are approved by sheriff of Sacramento, El Dorado and Placerville counties.

We provide the classroom training onsite at the Gun Authority Store location. The firearms qualification are held at a local ranges base on the size of the class and the instructor. The CCW cources are based on the approved training syllabus by the local county sheriff. In Sacramento County the sheriff has an 16 hourCCW cource requirments Placer county and ElDorado County CCW cource is only 8 hours.

The course of fire needed to qualify for ccw will be explaind in the class because it is different for each county. The cource will include stong hand un-supported at 12 yards, six rounds, week hand un-supporte at 12 yards, eight rounds and so on. It will changed base on your county.

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