Our FFL Services include: Did you inherit a firearm and now have an unregistered firearm in your possession? Do you have a risk of getting it taken from you because your not on record as the owner? You don't want to loose the family heirloom. Our service can help with this. In some cases it could cost you as little as $19.00

We also provide for your: FFL transfers from private party to private party, Firearms registration services, Background pre-checks, theft recovered firearms, sheriff dept confiscation of recovered firearms, and surrender of firearm for safe keeping Looking for that Hard to find firearm? Tell us what you're looking for. We often come across the rare firearms some have only seen in magazines..

Looking to sell a Firearm? We have a firearms consignment service as well. Our cost for this services is 20%. All FFL fees of the consignment firearms sale are paid by the buyer of the firearm. You will receive the funds conveniently in either a cashiers check or credit on a new firearms purchase.

Shop for firearms conveniently at our online store or for accessories at our, Ebay Store. Firearms Online ebay

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